1. ONLINE - Tag Renewal: To renew online, you must have a RIN# (Renewal Identification Number). RIN# should be on the renewal notice that you received through the mail.
2. ONLINE - Insurance Validation: New State law requires insurance companies to transmit to a State database, the status of your insurance for every vehicle. If INVALID INSURANCE, you cannot purchase/renew your tag(s). 
3. ONLINE - Emission Validation
Use this link to validate your vehicle is in good standing concerning emission testing requiremetns.  Once you have an emission test, your results should be transmitted to this system.
4. PAY - Insurance Lapse Penalty
Following this link will enable you to pay your Insurance Lapse Penalty ONLINE. First click on "PAY - Insurance Lapse Penalty" which takes you to the Official Payments website.  Once there, click on "State Payments" and then select "Georgia", Georgia Department of Revenue (Motor Vehicle Division)', and then "Insurance Web". 
Payments made using this option will not be posted until the following business day. 


Tags expire on an individual's birthday in Georgia. Once the vehicle is tagged for the first time, you should receive a bill about 30 days prior to your deadline each year. If you do not receive a bill within three weeks of your birth date, please call the Tag Office at 770.949.2309.

When you sell your vehicle, please remove your TAG, then call us to cancel your registration.  Your TAG remains in your name and should be retained by you.  

            INDIVIDUALS:  Should RENEW their TAGS by their Birthday (or Penalty will Apply)

  Should RENEW their TAGS in accordance with the alphabet:

 If Business Name (Begins with)  Renew (This Month)
 A - B  January
 C - D  February
 E - F  March
 G - H  April
 I - J  May
 K - L  June
 M - N  July
 O - P  August
 Q - R  September
 S - T  October
 U - W  November
 X - Z  December

SPECIAL TAGS: Georgia has many special license plates.


Special License Plates:

  1. Normally have additional fees and/or requirements. 
  2. Can be ordered through the Douglas County Tag Office.

To view a fact sheet on fees and requirements for speciality tags, please view this: Specialty Tag Chart 

For an up-to-date listing of available license plates, visit the
Department of Revenue website


If you're new to the State of Georgia or you have additional registration questions, please visit the Department of Revenue website or call the Douglas County Tag Office at (770) 949-2309.