Tax Returns
Taxpayers are encouraged (and sometimes required) to file a tax return between January 1 – April 1 for all properties they purchased during the previous year. This assures the property owner that they will get their assessment and tax bill in a timely manner and at the correct address. For Real Estate purchases, this is done in the Tax Commissioner's Office. Tax returns on personal property is required every year and should be filed with the Board of Assessors.

A tax return on Real Property (Real Estate) is ALWAYS REQUIRED when improvements are made that would increase or decrease the property value. If a property owner thinks their value is too high, they may FILE A TAX RETURN, thereby declaring (stating) a value, which will start the appeal process.

Again, this "TAX RETURN" should be filed in the Tax Commissioner's Office.  The Board of Assessors would then mail an assessment notice in the spring either accepting the revised value or leaving the value the same; the property owner would then have 45 days to appeal their assessment.



  1. REAL Property (ONLINE PT-50R Form)
    Effective January 1, 2010, the Douglas County Tax Commissioner is offering this online alternative to the PT-50R Form.  Filing time: January 1 through April 1 ONLY
  2. REAL Property (Printable PT-50R Form)
    A printable PT-50R form: For Real Property Returns.  Please print this form, and mail to Douglas County Tax Commissioner, P.O. Box 1177, Douglasville, Ga 30133... Filing time: January 1 through April 1 ONLY
  3. PERSONAL Property (Form)
    Personal Property Returns (boats, airplanes, business inventory, machinery, and equipment)... Filing time: January 1 through April 1 ONLY.
    Must be filed with the Douglas County Board of Assessors.